Happy election

It’s election day here in Canada, so finally all the ads and excessive (but amusing) tweeting by reporters. Yay! I voted this morning. I have no idea how that’ll all turn out.

It’s also the beginning of the month, which means that it’s time for another donation to MSF/DWB, and this month it’s up to $30.

Thanks again to all of you who’ve purchased patterns in the last month. If you want to make donations of your own to a charity that’s helping out in Japan, you should look into sending Knitting Kninja a copy of your receipt. She’s giving away yarn & patterns for people who donate. You’ve got until next week!

Now that I’m back in town, I can show you a little bit of what I saw at the DKC Frolic this past weekend. On Friday night Anna & I helped Hasmi out a bit setting up her Rocky Mountain Dyeworks booth.

On Saturday morning I had an email from Sarah (byneedleandthread) saying she would be there, which was great news. My only worry was that it was a warm spring day and how would I find Sarah among the crowds of knitters without her bright pink winter coat. As I was approaching the front door guess what I saw?

Since I had a vendor tag (helping out Debbie Wilson at Sheeps Ahoy), I walked through the lineup. Here was the scene at Sheeps Ahoy – look! It’s my patterns!

I spent a few wild minutes trying to help Genevieve & her sister get the Turtlepurl booth ready, as they had only been able to get to the location that morning. Putting many beautifully dyed braids of fiber on display is very very tempting.

I was able to put together a great collection of purchases which I’ll show you later on, but for now here’s Sarah with Natalie (leeleetea) of Lettuce Knit actually spending her gift certificate. They had the Helen’s Lace in “Grand Street Ink” for Rock Island.

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5 Responses to Happy election

  1. joan says:

    That explains the Canadian shoppers in my morning drive!


  2. ha. i look so fantastic! nice to see you. and fun to meet the other natalie too! thanks for the sock advice. i’m now onto the second one.

  3. Anna says:

    Looks wonderful. But you forgot to mention that you brought home more than 6km of yarn…… :-)

    • natalie says:

      Evil! Calculating based on Ravelry, it’s only 3.2 miles or 5.12 km. Much much less than 6km ;) Plus the roving, but that doesn’t count yet.