Hey there. The last 7 days have disappeared in a big whoosh. We had our May long weekend and a bit of nice weather sandwiched between days and days of rain, and we made the most of it. I even finished planting my 196 annuals (marigolds & impatiens). Another few bags of natural cedar mulch & I’m done. Here’s a bit of my efforts:

Amid all the family fun and gardening, there has also been a lot of knitting, but I’ve got nothing to show for it. I was hard at work trying to get my new sunflower shawl pattern to work (mostly the middle bit). I got frustrated and ended up procrastiknitting. It turned out that I’d rather invent a whole new double knit hat pattern than work on my shawl. I blame Anna for planting the double knitting seed.

And while I can’t show you the hat either, I do have something knitting-related to show. A little while ago Kristen (Knitting Kninja) had a giveaway on her blog. To get entries, you had to make a donation to an organization helping out in Japan. I won yarn!* It’s a lovely fingering weight skein of Gaia by Becoming Art.

Oh, and have you seen Kristen’s new Arcadian Shawl? Lovely. I’m a big fan of the purple & yellow prototype (Ravelry link). Purple is looking more and more like my current favourite colour!

* Because you all know I need more yarn.

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One Response to Procrastiknitting

  1. Cookie says:

    Beautiful gardening and what a lovely prize!