Saturday spinning update – Cobalt and spam

This week I have been doing a fair bit of spinning. I think it’s because I’ve been watching the Giro d’Italia. I’m now officially in training for the Tour de Fleece! For non-Ravelers, that’s a link to a group of crazy spinners who spin during the Tour de France in July.  You think this Tour de Fleece is a small thing? Not exactly. There are over 2800 members in the Ravelry group I linked to and just under 100 teams have already formed in preparation for the TdF.

Anyway, since the Giro is the first grand tour, it makes perfect sense that I’m doing training spinning now. Here’s the result of my training. I’m now up to 4.5 batts spun up (Cupcake Fiber Company BFL/silk batts in Cobalt).

I know, I know, it’s been taking me a while to work on these. I figure I’ll have them all spun up next week, but that won’t mean much. It’ll take me at least another week to ply. I’m planning on a nice 2 ply lace weight yarn, enough to make a shawl that I haven’t yet imagined. Here’s a closer view of what I’ve got:

For your added amusement, I thought I’d share the best spam comment I received recently. They’re usually all pretty similar, but this one was great:

I tried to post a comment previously, however it hasn’t shown up. I believe your spam filter may well be broken?

Note: *I* am the spam filter.

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One Response to Saturday spinning update – Cobalt and spam

  1. Cookie says:

    Love the spinning! And the spammy comment. *L*