Saturday spinning update: not much to show

I suppose that my manic spinning rate had to come to an end. This week all I’ve managed is a bit of a spindle’s worth of my Cobalt Cupcake batts. It’s still beautiful, though, isn’t it?

I did manage to bring in more fiber to the house. I haven’t put a good dent in anything already in the house, but I won a contest on the Phat Fiber blog and this Blue Morpho fluff from Lampyridae ended up here this week, along with a shiny butterfly bracelet that is destined to become my daughter’s. Perhaps I’ll get to keep the stitch marker. The batt is alpaca, merino, bamboo & angelina.

I did manage a bit more knitting this week & I’ve got my Emily 2 past the initial rounds of beads and into the take-it-anywhere garter stitch phase.

I did manage a few rows at the doctor’s office with my son earlier this week. He’s fine now, but he was at home for a day and a half. Perhaps that’ll be my excuse for having so little spinning to show. In lieu of spinning or knitting, here are some things we saw on a walk in the woods when he was at home:

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One Response to Saturday spinning update: not much to show

  1. Cookie says:

    Good luck keeping that stitch marker.

    I love that blue fluff. Can’t you just tell people you’re taking your time so you can enjoying spinning it as long as possible? ;^)