Another week, a new sunflower

Well. That was a busy weekend. I’m so glad that I took my spindle with me to a birthday party that my daughter attended. I was happy and occupied and so was she.

I’m back at my knitting and this time I’m working the new sunflower shawl in a different yarn (Alchemy Silken Straw from janie h. knits) and from the written directions, rather than the charts. I haven’t got very far yet. I’m just at the edge of the flower centers.

At the same time a bunch of helpful knitters are also speedily test knitting this for me. And then if we ever get sun this week I’ll be able to take some photos of last week’s shawl to really show it off to you. It’s blocked and I love it!

I’m fighting off working on a completely unrelated pattern idea and we’ll see later this week if I’m successful. Oh, but it’s so very tempting! I just need to figure out the technical details of how to attack the project. I even have the exact yarn I need….

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