Saturday spinning update: I touched a wheel!

For those following along, I’m still spinning my Into The Whirled batt (Ribbon Candy) on my littlest Golding (0.45oz). I finally got rid of all traces of the pink and I’m into the green.

There’s still a whole lot of green left to go. I doubt I’ll be able to hit my goal of getting it done this month. In the mean time, I’m lusting after their Beaufort batt. The Canada Post strike kept me from losing my mind & buying it the last time it was available.

One of the things interfering with my spinning plans is getting ready for my Sunflower Field Shawl KAL. Another one is this:

I’ve been playing on this wheel this week, with an eye towards buying it. I have been a little leery of wheels because my coordination has never been stellar. I have had proof throughout my life in dance classes, aerobics, what have you. After a 5 minute demo from Michelle on this single treadle Lendrum, I spent a bit of a frustrating evening trying to get the hang of treadling and drafting at the same time and trying to figure out the best chair and position to use.

I was rewarded with this lumpy bumpy stuff. I knew that some of the stuff making it onto the bobbin was crap, but I kept going with the goal of getting better. By the end things were looking a bit even. Here’s the even plied with the uneven. My first wheelspun yarn!

I’m not going to abandon my Goldings. I love the portability of spindles. Oh, and how they seem to freak non-fiber folk out. Besides, I have got a lot to learn about spinning with a wheel before I’m as competent as I am with a spindle!

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One Response to Saturday spinning update: I touched a wheel!

  1. Cookie says:

    Woo Hoo!

    Your first wheel spun yarn looks SO MUCH BETTER than my first handspun. Will the wheel effect your Tour plans?