Saturday spinning update: finish one, start two…

Here’s some lovely multi-green Corriedale that came from Southern Cross Fibre via a few other stashes on the way. Before & after:

I spun this on my still new-to-me 3″ Golding Tsunami, so it’s fairly thick (as intended). I don’t seem to get along with Corriedale that well in general, but this worked just fine in the end. I spun it into 3 singles of approximately the same length and then plied on my handy little $3 stick & hook. I ended up with about 129 yards in 112 grams with a wpi of 8-9.

Considering that I normally knit with laceweight or fingering weight yarn, it’s pretty hefty stuff.

I’ve also been playing with my tiny spindles, I’ve been working away on my 0.75 oz Golding with this lovely Turtlepurl merino/cashmere. It’s a pleasure to work with & it’s spinning very very finely.

Despite enjoying that, I got this crazy idea to start something else. I blame Louise. She’s been working on Marianne Kinzel’s Rose of England pattern in (I think) some Twisted Fiber Art yarn that changes colours ever so slowly. The more I watched, the more my fingers itched to start working on this:

This is a 4 oz Falkland batt from Into The Whirled in Ribbon Candy. Here it is stretched out. The floor boards are 3 1/4″ wide, to give you an idea of the scale.

I’ve started spinning as finely as I can beginning with the bright pink end. I’m using the smallest member of my Golding family, a 0.6 oz Lignum Vitae. If I ever finish, I’m going to chain ply everything and voila, colour-changing yarn. One day!

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