Tour de France Sunflower KAL: coming in July

Yes, the Tour de France is almost upon us again. For the second year in a row, I’m running a KAL. This year’s subject is my new Sunflower Field Shawl. This is the second shawl in a series of four shawls inspired by fields in France. The first was Lavender Fields. The third one will be inspired by vineyards, and the final one will be based on poppies. Later this week both the Sunflower Field Shawl and the e-book will be available for pre-purchase at a discount, and the full Sunflower Field Shawl pattern will be downloadable on July 1st.

Here’s mine all blocked:

I’ll tell you more about the ebook & pattern sale later in the week when it’s all set up, but for today I thought I’d tell you about the KAL contest and prizes.

Just like last year, the KAL contest will have prizes based on the Tour de France. Knitting will begin when the Tour de France starts on July 2nd and finish when the last cyclist wraps up their trip up and down the cobblestones in Paris on July 24th.

The difference in the contest this year is that I’ve decided that the prizes don’t need to match the jersey colours. I’ve gone stash diving and come up with a prize pool. The winner in each category can select the yarn they want from the pool in the following order:

1: Maillot Jaune – Yellow Jersey

Winner of the overall Tour de France. You have to complete the Sunflower Field Shawl within the Tour de France (July 2 – 24) to be eligible. This will go to the the person whose shawl gets the most (love) in the designated Ravelry thread.

2. Maillot Vert – Green Jersey – for the sprinters

For the speedy knitters, I’ll do a random draw from among the first 5 finishers – a photo finish.

3. Maillot à Pois Rouges – Polka Dot Jersey – for the climbers

Like last year, if you encounter difficulties, there will be a Ravelry thread to detail your woes. The story with the most (love) gets the prize!

4. Maillot Blanc – White Jersey – best “young” knitters

For those new-to-lace, or new-to-knitting. You can choose to identify yourself as a contestant for the white jersey, and if you complete the shawl during the Tour, you’ll be eligible for the draw for this prize.

5. Lanterne Rouge – “last” place

Not everyone who starts the Tour de France finishes, so anyone who starts the Tour but doesn’t finish within the deadline will be eligible for the Lanterne Rouge prize.

6. The Red Devil – spectators

We don’t all have the time and space to compete in the Tour, but there will be a prize category for those who wish to follow along and cheer on the competitors. The inspiration comes from Didi Senft, a notorious spectator, bike-builder, and cycling fanatic.


2 skeins of Malabrigo Lace in Marron Oscuro

1 skein of Zitron Trekking Hand Art

1 skein of handspun laceweight (600yds in 90g of 50%wool/50%silk)

1 skein of Madelinetosh Lace in grasshopper

1 skein of Knit-Wise Soysilk (blue)

2 skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in cedar

1 skeins of Sundara Sock in Roasted Persimmon over Green Papaya

1 skein of Turtlepurl Yarns Pillow Talk

1 skein of Fleece Artist Nyoni Sock

1 skein of Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 sock yarn

and possibly more that I haven’t taken pictures of yet…

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9 Responses to Tour de France Sunflower KAL: coming in July

  1. Kathy says:

    I missed test-knitting this beauty – now I can’t wait for the KAL. I’ve already got the yarn and needles ready to go.

  2. Vera says:

    I’m in. Looking forward to downloading this stunning pattern.

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  4. Mara says:

    I will be there right until Paris!

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