Sunflower KAL and a fun surprise in my mailbox

There is a good peleton of folks knitting the Sunflower Field Shawl during the Tour de France over in my Ravelry group. Amy’s a great hostess, and it’s certainly not too late to join in! Also, don’t forget that it’s also possible to win a prize even if you want to just be a spectator.

Here’s a gorgeous shot of the Sunflower test knit shawl that Roxanne did in Unique Sheep Verve in a perfect range of colours. She beaded the middle and left out the center leafy vine panel:

I’m thoroughly enjoying the Tour de France itself given that I’m rooting for team Leopard-Trek and that I’m a fan of Thor Hushovd. It’s been exciting so far and there’s still more than a couple of weeks left in it!

A fun surprise

You may not realize it, but Canada Post was on strike/locked out for a couple of weeks. I missed the mail, but when my first items after the strike were a bill and some advertising I felt let down. When I tried to explain it to my husband I told him that it was the possibility of something nice coming that I’d missed. As I put it into words, I realized how weird it was to think that something nice might possibly come out of the blue.

Yesterday I was proven right! I found a key to a parcel compartment which contained a shipment from St. Denis Yarns. At first I wondered if I’d made an order & then forgotten about it, as I’ve certainly considered buying their yarn. Then I wondered if a kind friend had sent me something. When I got home I found kits for Sam & Samira:

Cool! When I checked out the St. Denis blog I found out that I’d won a contest by signing up for their newsletter. What a lovely surprise!

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2 Responses to Sunflower KAL and a fun surprise in my mailbox

  1. Cookie says:

    What a lovely version of your pattern! And what a wonderful surprise in the post! Does your husband understand now? ;^)

    If he doesn’t, tell him that I got some tea and fluff from our Anne the other day out of the blue and it totally made my week.


  2. congrats! i love that variation of the shawl, that yarn was made for it! i was also disappointed with the first bits of mail. two bills, but today it was fabric that i ordered last week. from a company in stittsville, which is why it came so fast.