Tour de Fleece begins!

This is my first time around participating in the Tour de Fleece. I’ve successfully spun on the first two days of the Tour – but it was the weekend, so that was relatively easy. On Saturday I took the kids with me on a yarn store tour and ended up buying this pencil roving with a request from them for matching hats.

I took advantage of having a wheel in the house and whipped up these two skeins of yarn that make the wee ones happy. They’re each 58-62 yards in about 58 grams:

I also used my smallest spindle to work on my new Cupcake batts. They’re alpaca/merino/silk and lovely to work with, as usual. I haven’t quite finished the first of the four batts yet, but I’m having fun.

I had a little brain fart at the beginning of July & forgot to make my regular monthly MSF/DWB donation. Luckily my brain finally kicked in & this time around it’s $50. All better now.

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  1. Cookie says:

    Woo Hoo!

    You’re on fire!