Saturday spinning update: still wiped out from the move

How did it get to be Saturday again already? We’re still working our way through many many boxes and getting organized. We put up a bunch of pictures today and got lamps for a couple of rooms.┬áHere’s some pictures of what things looked like during last week’s move.

The first picture inadvertently captured a couple of knitting-related items. My work in progress is there on the couch (yes, that’s the Vineyards shawl I was talking about before), and there’s a Louet box too. The box is thanks to Kelly of Just Knitting in Carleton Place who gave me a ton of boxes to prep for the move. I think we used them all.

Oh, and I’m expecting another Louet box from Kelly – it’ll have a *JULIA* in it! I’m so very excited. I have no idea where I’ll find the time to both knit and spin but I’ll have to find a way! The second picture with the chairs is where I think the Julia will live once the boxes are gone.

In the mean time, I’ve been doing a tiny bit of spinning this week. Here’s a shot of the merino that Val sent all nicely prepped & coiled into little nests. I’ve already done a spindle full and I’m working on some more. I haven’t even finished the first of two bags, but I’m enjoying the process. I think it’s going to be 2-ply laceweight.

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4 Responses to Saturday spinning update: still wiped out from the move

  1. Kelly says:

    Great to see the house pics Natalie! Love the spinning of course!

  2. Cookie says:

    Woo Hoo!

    Beautiful spindling!

  3. Anja says:

    [Julia] Awesomeness personified. I’m a wee bit jealous. Now you’ll be even moooore productive. ;oP

    Love the house pics. I hope things a re finally calming down a bit. You deserve a long break.

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