Poppies – due today

I feel like I’m having a bad homework week. First we got another note back from Z’s teacher reminding us that homework is due on Tuesday, and now it’s Friday, the last day of September, and I’m supposed to have the Poppy Field Shawl out to all the people who’ve bought the Summer in Provence e-book. It’s not quite there yet.

I’m close, though. The pattern’s just about ready, but I’ve got a little bit of math left to do for yardage & sizes, a few notes to add, the chart legend, and all of the pictures. To help the pictures along, Francine agreed once again to be my model. The sun shone down for a couple of hours between showers, and here’s a little preview.

I knit this in worsted weight Ottawa from Hand Maiden. It was the colour that first attracted me to the yarn. It’s a lovely thick & thin yarn speckled with other bits of colour. It’s turned into a great big shawl that’s warm and cozy and perfect for fall. It’s being knit right now by a few folks including Yvonne (of yvieknits yarn) who’s using lace weight and Roxanne’s already done a wonderful beaded version in fingering weight (Wollmeise).

And here’s Francine taking a picture to blog me but I took a picture to blog her:

By the way, did you see that link up there? Not only does Francine have an Etsy shop for her fabulous shawl pins and stitch markers, but she has a blog now & she’s new enough that she actually updates it ;)

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4 Responses to Poppies – due today

  1. Cookie says:

    Beautiful shawl! And such a lovely Francine!

    She’ll get over that updating thing soon enough. ;^)

  2. Yvonne says:

    Thanks for the mention.
    Great pics. It’s a great shawl pattern.


  3. Francine says:

    Such a gorgeous shawl, I’m excited to knit it…..I sure loved wearing it <3

  4. Tina says:

    LOVE the color of the shawl, well to be honest I just love the shawl. WONDERFUL!