pre-Saturday spinning update: and then I got a wheel

Although life’s kept me somewhat busy this week, I have been spinning. I’ll be at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters’ Guild’s Fair on Saturday, so I’m posting early. Hooray!

I decided that I could make a weekend of the fair by bringing the kids to my parents’ house in Guelph and leaving them all together while I visited the show. Meanwhile Ron will be at home having a weekend to himself. I’m going to try to keep myself out of too much trouble by helping out Debbie Wilson at her Sheeps Ahoy booth.

But back to this week’s spinning. I started out by spinning some of the mystery wool (Corriedale, maybe?) that came with my wheel. There’s a half pound of it, so I got bored, and after spinning up most of a bobbin I decided to chain ply it. Here’s my soft little skein:

Details: 80 grams, 154 yards, 3 ply, unknown fiber content (some kind of wool)

What I really want to tackle next is one of the boxes of Cupcakes that I’ve got (oooh, that lovely green, but perhaps the mixed purples first). I’m a bit nervous on the new wheel, so I decided to sacrifice another fiber as my first “trying to spin thin on a wheel” fiber. The lucky winner was some alpaca/silk from Krafty Koala. It’s 100g, so I’ve split off half of the fiber. Here’s the first half on one bobbin:

Hopefully next week I’ll be able to spin the second half and ply, but with all this driving to K-W and back I’m not sure when that’ll happen.

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2 Responses to pre-Saturday spinning update: and then I got a wheel

  1. joan says:

    Your new wheel spinning is amazing!


  2. Cookie says:

    I was going to offer a tip or two on how to get thin singles on a wheel, but you clearly don’t need my help. Great spinning!