Saturday spinning update: Julia is *here*!

First, a couple of things that my memory failed me on last time:

1) my monthly donation to MSF: $25.

2) My patterns & some Rocky Mountain Dyeworks yarn are the subject of the current giveaway over at Yarn On The House. Go have a look & make a comment to win. And check back in on Ve’s site every couple of weeks for a new giveaway.

Apart from my little memory lapse, it’s been an excellent week. Late one night earlier this week I took this box of parts:

And turned it into this:

It’s my very own Louet Julia. Last night I spent a couple of peaceful hours spinning some of the 1/2 pound bag of organic something that came with the wheel.

There’s still room for spindles in my life. I can’t take the wheel everywhere with me, so I’ve been spindling at places like the dentist’s office. The receptionist commented that I must be very patient to do that. I told her that it was the spinning that allowed me to be patient. In the end, I had a 45 minute wait for a 5 minute appointment, so she should be grateful I had my spinning with me ;)

So here’s where the pile of merino nests from Val is at now:

I think I’m at least half way.

It’s a long weekend and I should probably be taking advantage of all that time to get the house a bit closer to unpacked and organized. I’m sure I will, but you all know I’ll be playing with the wheel too.

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3 Responses to Saturday spinning update: Julia is *here*!

  1. Kelly says:

    A long weekend should guarantee at least one day is a play/spinning day! The wheel looks great and the spinning too!

  2. Happy spinning. Your wheel looks great.

  3. Cookie says:

    Congratulations on the addition!