Even more inspiration

I like e-books, really I do, but there’s still something wonderful about having a real book in your hands. I ordered Extreme Double-Knitting by Alasdair Post-Quinn (from Cooperative Press) a while back. I’ve had the e-book for a while, but I’m glad the actual book is finally here in my hands. I love the result of double-knitting and there is definitely more of it in my future.

Alasdair starts with “normal” double-knitting patterns & then runs to the more interesting things like having different patterns on the different sides of the knitting and then adding more than two colours. Here are some of my favourites:

The fractal-inspired Sierpinski blanket:

(c) Cooperative Press

Bratach, a hat with increases & decreases that result in this wavy edge:

(c) Cooperative Press

And then there’s the Falling Blocks hat – three colours and it has a different design inside and out. Awesome:

(c) Cooperative Press

I plan to spend some time going through this book in detail & learning more about how Alasdair has stretched & developed the double knitting technique.


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  1. Cookie says:

    Amazing! Hurry and knit them so we can see! ;^)