Saturday spinning update: lots of progress

I’ve been doing a fair bit of spinning on my Louet Julia this last week. First, I plied up the remaining 2 colours of blueberry Cupcake singles. It looked like I had a lot left, and apparently I did. Voila, about 290 yards of a lovely laceweight yarn. Now I’ve got to figure out how to use this stuff to its best advantage.

I dove into my Rhinebeck stash this week. I managed to spin up all 4oz of my Into The Whirled “Just Figs” batt (ooh, look, they actually have some batts in the store at the moment. Shiny!). It has almost overwhelmed the bobbin. I guess I’ll have to divide it up when plying.

Since I finished it I’ve been a little daunted about starting the plying. I’m going to n-ply this to keep the colour changes. It’s going to take a while. Imagine, if you will, a lazy kate set up beside a spinning wheel with the yarn half plied on it. Then imagine that this is in a room frequented by a 4 year old boy with amazing destructive powers. Once I start this plying, I have to get it done in one shot!

So somehow it seemed like it would be easier to start something new. I found an abundance of teal in the fiber stash. I have this thought that I’m going to take this Louet Merino/Silk and 2 bundles of Fleece Artist BFL fiber and turn it into an interesting 3 ply yarn (about 150 grams total).

Here’s the Merino/Silk all spun up:

And here’s the first half of the first BFL lot:

I am hoping that by next week I’ll either have the Into The Whirled batt all plied up or the teal stuff spun and plied. Perhaps both. We’ll see how the week goes.

You may have noticed that I have pretty much gravitated to very skinny singles. I’m happy about that & loving what I come out with as yarn. I’m not sure how it would go if I was actually aiming for a different thickness, but this is totally perfect for right now.

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3 Responses to Saturday spinning update: lots of progress

  1. lisa says:


    I keep thinking I should bring the wheel out in the open again. But so much yarn, so much knitting to do, and so little time. Maybe after xmas I’ll start spinning again…

  2. Cookie says:

    Such beautiful spinning! You are SUCH a natural!

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