Saturday spinning update: one out of two will do

Last week I was in the middle of some turquoise spinning and I had a bobbin full of an Into the Whirled Falkland batt. ¬†Although the turquoise spinning has seen very little progress, I n-plied, washed, and wound the batt. The colourway is “Just Figs”. I got a little under 700 yards in 136 grams, which I’m thrilled about.

Originally, it was like this:

Here it is all wiggly before washing:

And here it is all nice on the niddy noddy:

And when I wound it into a ball, you could see how lovely it really looked:

Note that these pictures all make it look pretty good. The burgundy was towards the end of the night when I probably should have stopped plying and finished the next day. There are little bits where one of the plies got away from me & it’ll be interesting to knit that up and see if it’s fixable, but on the whole it was a successful venture.

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3 Responses to Saturday spinning update: one out of two will do

  1. Anja says:

    Don’t believe a word of what she’s saying. It’s utterly GORGEOUS. I so want to be able to make something like that. :o)

  2. Cookie says:

    I agree! It’s gorgeous, our Natalie! Stop being so hard on yourself!

  3. Jaimee says:

    It is even more beautiful in person!! I love it so much Natalie