Saturday spinning update: a busy week

Starting next week I’ll begin working on a contract and I’ll be a lot busier. I have been doing a bit of spinning this week to make up for it. I’ve finally finished off my Airlann batts and it looks like I’ll have about 1600 yards of it when it’s washed.

After that I was looking for a quick spinning fix and I’ve got a nice small skein to show for it. The Schoppe-Wolle Roving was already nice and skinny, so I just drafted it out a little more. It had the colour changes already built in, so I chain-plied it when I was finished to keep the colours together. I ended up with about 85 yards in 45 grams, and it’s soft and fuzzy. I don’t know what it’ll be when it grows up.

And once again I’ve got a picture for you of a set of things I found in my son’s pocket: a random toy, oversized green button, gift card for the local mall, and a plastic fish.

It all got sent back to school the following day & no comment about it was made in his agenda.

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5 Responses to Saturday spinning update: a busy week

  1. Cookie says:

    Love the spinning! You are just so good.

    Where did he get the mall card? That’s my question.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Just love the various collections that emerge from your son’s pocket. I really miss those days when my kids were young. Or maybe not. At least, now they can cook dinner on their own and clean up afterwards.

  3. joan says:

    I love that you used a US dime!
    But I love the yarn more. And that boy of yours!

  4. kmkat says:

    I am enjoying the saga of What Has It Got In Its Pocketses.

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