Getting ready for my Tour de France KAL

The Tour de France starts early this year: June 30th. I’m keenly aware of that as I knit up a storm on this year’s Tour de France Knit Along (KAL) pattern. This will be the third year I’ve run a KAL for one of my patterns, but I’ve never cut it this close before. I’ve swatched, measured, calculated, and I’m hoping that the finished product looks like I planned. I’ll know in a few days.

This year’s design is based on some artifacts uncovered from the tomb of an ancient king of France: golden bees.

(from the Bibliothèque nationale de France)

Childeric (~440-481/2) was a Merovingian king of France and his tomb was uncovered in Tournai, Belgium, in the 1650s. The treasure included over 300 of these golden bees, although most were later stolen and melted down. I blame my knowledge of the existence of these bees on reading Foucault’s Pendulum in high school. I ended up reading about Templars and conspiracies for a while and it was fascinating. Somewhere in there I learned about Childeric’s Bees.

(from Wikipedia)

I’ve been thinking for quite some time about a design with these bees. I’m very lucky that I happened to pick this for my Tour de France KAL topic this year as the Tour is going through Tournai, the very place these bees were discovered.

Hopefully in a week or so I’ll be able to show you what I’ve come up with!

In the mean time I’m looking through my stash with an eye towards figuring out what I’ll be putting up as prizes for the knit along. As in past years, there will be prizes (wool, fiber, patterns & possibly more!) for a variety of categories, including spectators. No purchase or knitting necessary!

Back to the knitting…

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2 Responses to Getting ready for my Tour de France KAL

  1. Cookie says:

    For a minute there, I thought the design was inspired by things found in your son’s pockets. Don’t judge me. It’s been a long week.

    I love the bees and I can’t wait to see your design.

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