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Some folks may have heard me grumble when I wasn’t able to go to Toronto a couple of weeks ago for their Doors Open event. I’ve wanted to see the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant for a while now and it’s only open to the public once a year. I’d been looking forward to it for months. It’s a huge Art Deco building and I think it’s beautiful. Here, have a look at this article to see why I’m so fascinated. A week before the event my back acted up quite spectacularly, so a day involving 8 hours of driving was just not going to work.

This past weekend was Doors Open in Ottawa and I tried to make up for missing Toronto. I first went and had a look at the Blackburn Building. It’s an apartment building that opened in 1936 and has a nice interior atrium.

When  I was inside I kept thinking back to my high school Latin classes: conpluvium and impluvium. The atrium is glassed over, but the plentiful rain outside helped me remember Mrs. Bell repeating those words. I tried to ignore the garish flowers.

That building was ok, but there wasn’t enough detail (at least not accessible) to fully spark my interest. I trudged through the rain up to Sparks Street, then all the way along until I got to the Supreme Court of Canada. This is another Art Deco building, completely designed by Ernest Cormier. I passed through the security checkpoint, put my keys and wallet in my pockets, and gratefully shed my soaked raincoat.

This was more like it:

I walked around slowly, carefully taking it all in, all the carefully designed details of the building. I found quite a few things that were beautiful to my eye:

It’s an impressive building. It has gravitas.

Outside, Justitia and Veritas stand on either side of the steps:

Round the back, you get a lovely view of the Parliament Buildings:

On the knitting side of things, posting my goal of finishing two projects is helping, despite the other knitting design tasks I have on the go. My Issey Scarf goes to school for drop off/pick up and to swimming lessons. This week I finally attached the second ball of yarn! I draped it around my neck and now I’m thinking I might want to use the full 3 balls, but I’ll keep weighing the second one as I go so I know how long the scarf is when I’m half way.

The Emily 2 progress is even better: I’m finally doing the border. This means lots of beads on each row and long long rows, but there are only 8 more rows to do, so expect a finished object picture shortly!

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3 Responses to Inspiration and updates

  1. joan says:

    You must let me know when you make it to Toronto – I’ll drive up!

  2. fiona says:

    We missed Doors Open this year. The kids were dancing at two public events on Saturday (one on Parliament Hill but just didn’t leave us with enough time to see anything). And I was so exhausted after Saturday that I could barely pry myself off the couch on Sunday. Previous favourites were the SunTech hydroponic greenhouses, a green home model and a Hindu temple.

  3. Anja says:

    Bet I’m not the only one who sees a shawl in that stunning window. ;o)