Tour de France KAL results

Well I’m back from all the cottaging and from a wonderful trip to Paris with my husband. Before I get into all the details and show you lovely pictures, I thought I’d better wrap my my Tour de France KAL. Check out the project page for Childeric’s Bees to see what everyone did.

The lucky winners are:

Yellow Jersey: Sylvie, with 26 (love) for her shawl in the finished object thread

Green Jersey: random draw from the first 5 finishers, xstmj

Polka Dot Jersey: since Sylvie already took the Yellow Jersey, it went to the runner up. grannybear won this prize with her tale of her lost knitting bag.

White Jersey: no entrants

Draw among finishers who haven’t won a prize: habsgirl

Lanterne Rouge: draw among those who started but didn’t finish: raphael

Spectators: mailing list + Ravelry group + Facebook fans + tweets: winner is #531 in this list: from the Ravelry group is JodyJ

I’ll be in touch with all the winners shortly to sort out the prizes!

Here’s one little picture from the last stage of the Tour de France:

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