Paris: churches

It’s still taking me a long time to go through my photos from Paris and figure out what to share. Today’s post is from the two churches we visited.

One evening we ended up at Notre Dame. We were able to enter without a wait, but we weren’t able to see much because it was too late. The next morning we went back to the island and started off at Sainte-Chapelle.

This was a place I remember enjoying on a previous trip and I wanted to go back. Once again the museum passes helped us past a lineup. Because it was early in the morning it wasn’t rushed or crowded. I took quite a few pictures of the details:

The stained glass upstairs is amazing even though one side had some conservation going on. It is still very beautiful. Here’s a shot that’s not entirely clear, but gives a good impression of the colours in the windows:

After that visit, we went back to Notre Dame. We got in line for the climb up the tower, but it wasn’t moving. After setting a goal (we must move past one post in the next 20 minutes), we realized it was going to take too long, and made plans to return first thing in the morning.

Getting to Notre Dame early worked out relatively well, and we were soon climbing. I paused half way up the initial climb to catch my breath, but after that it was all very manageable. We took pictures of the great bell, of the church, of the various carved creatures. It was a great visit and the weather was perfect.

When we were waiting for our turn to go back down from visiting the bell, Ron had a nice little conversation with the lady working there about where we were from and what kind of a summer we were having in Ottawa & where she’d been to in Canada. We met quite a few friendly people on our trip. It helped that we could more or less express ourselves in French (Ron was the more, I was a little less).

Check out the little door that gives access to the bell:

We never did make it to Sacré Coeur, but that’s not a building I find as pleasing as the two churches we did manage to visit.


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4 Responses to Paris: churches

  1. Jaimee says:

    So beautiful Natalie!

  2. Nannie says:

    I love those gargoyles! And the details in Sainte Chapelle are amazing.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Totally awesome photos. I especially love the views of Paris in the background and the pale colours of the buildings. Also, I liked the ornamentation on the pillars–very French. I’ve never seen anything like it on an English Cathedral. I think I told you that James was a chorister at Washington National Cathedral (the 6th largest in the world), which was built by mostly European stone masons using medieval techniques, and sadly damaged quite badly in last year’s quake. He used to play hide and seek in the crypt when on rehearsal breaks!

  4. kmkat says:

    I adore that first photo of the gargoyle with Paris in the background. C’est magnifique! (Did I spell that right? I took Spanish in school, not French…)