Paris: museums

While in Paris there were a few museums I knew I wanted to see. We spent time at the Orangerie, benefiting from the museum pass for a speedy entry. I hadn’t been there in quite some time, so it was fun to see that the Nymphéas, the giant paintings of water lilies, had been moved upstairs in the intervening years. No pictures were allowed.

We also went to the nearby Musée D’Orsay and spent some time visiting various rooms and sculptures. No pictures allowed there either. Ron had a little break when I went off to visit the objets d’art in the Art Nouveau/Art Deco section at the back left. I took the elevator to the top floor and started exploring.

I was very excited at recognizing an Eliel Saarinen chair – I think it was one of the Hannes Chair ones. I was a little sad to see that they didn’t have a blue chair or one of the other ones that I just love. I did see some lovely William Morris tiles & drapes, some Mackintosh furniture, and other related lovely items.

Later on, at the Louvre, we were glad to be able to take pictures (without flash, of course). I saw the usual ladies: Mona, Venus and Nike.

I also stopped in briefly to look at the picture of Napoleon’s coronation to gawp at the bees on his coronation robe, since he’s supposed to have been inspired to use the bee as his symbol by Childeric’s bees.

And then I had to stop when I saw some familiar faces:

The museum was so hot & humid that day that we moved on and had lunch outside in the park. Looking for a cheap and reliable bathroom afterwards, we decided to use our museum pass at the Musée des arts décoratifs, seeing as it was close by. Awesome choice! After surrendering my backpack, we had a quick peek. I took off to look at the Art Nouveau/Art Deco stuff again and hit paydirt, since I was able to take pictures.

There were amazing rooms, set up with everything in place.

There were bits and pieces like this stair rail (Rampe d’escalier Monnaie-du-pape by Louis Majorelle, Majorelle Frères, Jean Keppel, ferronier, Nancy, 1904).

There was this very deco stained glass:

I think the stained glass was in the last room I visited. It was full of lovely items, but it was set up so that as you entered you caught sight of something across the room. Well, maybe it wasn’t set up with that intent, but that’s how it was for me. I held off going over to it until I’d seen the rest of the room. I got there and sure enough, it was a piece by Edgar Brandt (Porte Les Bouquets). Apologies for the blurry photo. See the museum’s photo instead if you need to.

I had time to stand in front of this, to get very close and to look at how it all fit together and to examine the detail of it all. Fantastic. I even got the feeling of approval from some of the stern-looking ladies in this museum that they could feel how blown away I was to see some of these things. My reverence for the beautiful items made their suspicion lift momentarily.

I’ll write more on the other aspects of Paris that we saw as I sort through the photos.

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4 Responses to Paris: museums

  1. Cookie says:

    So beautiful!

  2. Nannie says:

    Really nice to read and see some of your pics after our chat this evening. I love the way you are inspired by these beautiful things. Great summary of your trip! So glad it was memorable. Your pics brought back memories of our trip together back in ’89. Such a wonderful city…
    Mum x x

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I think you’ve inspired me to follow through on my desire to design some “Morrismitts”, based on William Morris’s wallpapers/fabrics.

  4. mary lou says:

    What fun, it’s been years and years since I was last in Paris. Perhaps it’s time! I love the Deco photos. I work in a 21 story Deco building – it’s beautiful, even if my area is modernized.