Saturday spinning update: lost and found

On Wednesday I finished the first half of my Corgi Hill Farm green merino and wound it all off onto a roll I started the weekend before:

I started spinning this merino back in July in Paris. Wanting to mark the occasion for the blog, I went looking for the first roll to take a picture.┬áThe roll wasn’t in the bottom drawer with the other ones. I ended up tidying up my bedroom and sorting out my spinning stash and making sure it was all in Ravelry. That was a good thing, but the roll didn’t materialize.

I searched a few project bags. No dice. I gave up and made sure the second half of the fiber was in my bag on Thursday. At work we had a fire drill – perfect! Spinning was perfect to distract me from the fact that I’d left my coat inside and I was a bit chilly. Plus my friend increased my freak/geek factor even more by letting another co-worker know I’ve got a spinning wheel at home. ┬áHere’s the second half of the fiber in progress.

So then last night I went hunting in my giant Namaste bag for some fingering weight scraps to swatch out an idea and out popped my spindle bag. It wasn’t empty. Eureka! This was where I’d put that first semi-squished roll. And it turns out that I didn’t actually finish spinning the first half of the fiber because there was a little bit left here.

I’m relieved that I didn’t lose all the spinning I did in Paris, but I’m still annoyed that I completely forgot what I did with it. Perhaps it’s the fact that I did the forgetting the week that I turned 40 that’s making it hard to get over being such a scatterbrain.

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6 Responses to Saturday spinning update: lost and found

  1. Daisy says:

    Happy birthday, oh young one!
    Yes, memory loss will increase as you age, but this will be offset by loss of vocabulary.

  2. Cookie says:


    Now you know the real reason spin one thing at a time.

  3. Tina says:

    Glad you found it Oh Young One! ;) And Happy Birthday~ may it be a grand year!

  4. Nannie says:

    Today until Nov 11 in Guelph: “Since 1992, Morton has employed knitting and sewing as a mode of artistic expression and as metaphors that explore time and labour through performative art making. With empathy and absurdity, Morton subverts these stereotypically domestic, private, and feminine practices by working publicly and in a monumental scale.”
    A very interesting exhibition! There’s a video entitled “Ravellry”that I thought you’d like. I’ll send you some pictures…

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Happy birthday. You’re so young! The emerald green is gorgeous. I’m spinning away on some merino/silk top, and thinking about trying some dyeing… Have you ever dyed?

  6. kmkat says:

    Scatterbrained happens to all of us. I have four balls of Knit Picks merino- alpaca in a lovely shade of blue… somewhere. If I didn’t have them cataloged on Ravelry I might think I invented them.