A different kind of collection

This past Monday the Ottawa Knitting Guild held their vendors’ night event. It was the best set up I’ve seen. It was also the first one since the lighting in the church hall was updated to make it possible to see properly. I had a blast looking at all the lovely things and talking to friends and vendors.

I don’t need yarn. I really don’t. Apparently that mindset worked for me, but I fell down in a different kind of booth: buttons! Evelyn Davies had a booth full of all sorts of vintage buttons. I had a good rummage in all of the various containers and came up with quite a few that hit me the right way in terms of colour and style. Here’s what came home:

Oh, and a few bags of colour-themed buttons too ($3 a bag! really!):

Voila! From a very lame collection of buttons to all this in one night. I’m a happy camper.

This set is my favourite:

Now I need to think about knitting things that need buttons, or at least things that look better with buttons.

I’m heading down to Rhinebeck on Friday with friends for the weekend at the New York State Sheep & Wool Festival. I’m feeling particularly disorganized at the moment, but I’m really looking forward to the trip. I’ll be playing bingo & may be wearing my Manhattan Bridge Shawl. Stop me & say hi if you spot me!

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3 Responses to A different kind of collection

  1. Julie says:

    Love your button choices, very art deco. And Rhinebeck again?! Some day I’ll have to go… I just have such poor self-control when it comes to yarn/fibre, I’m too afraid of what I could end up buying, and then trying to get back across the border. Have a great time!

  2. kmkat says:

    Your love of Art Deco comes through in the buttons. I love them, too.

    Have a great time @ Rhinebeck — can’t wait to hear how long that I-dont’-need-any-yarn mindset lasts ;-)

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Somehow, I didn’t manage to find you at the fairgrounds. Now we’re back after a truly frightening and exhausting day on the highway involving a blown tire on a rental vehicle and a 5-hour delay in getting it taken care of. Phew! Just glad to be home. The glory of Rhinebeck will take a few days to return to my memory.