Saturday spinning update: green and purple

I missed a spinning update post last weekend because I was at Rhinebeck. I was, however, actively spinning. I took my little Golding with me along with the greenĀ Corgi Hill Farm merino that had already been to Paris. Whenever I was waiting in line or waiting for friends I was spinning. This week I’ve continued to take the spindle along with me to school and to the park with the kids, so I’ve got quite a bit done in the last 2 weeks. Here’s what I’ve got to show for it:

And last time on the wheel I’d spun up about half of some rayon from bamboo in a bright purple. I’ve now finished that up, and I’ve got about 225 yards of 2 ply in about 57g. It’s not my best work, but it’s not awful. Let’s just say that I won’t be going out of my way to spin rayon.

Luckily I’m spoiled for choice at the moment. I’ve got lots of wool on hand and more arriving monthly! September was my first month as a member of the Southern Cross Fibre club. I was on the waiting list for ages (about 20 months), but it was worth the wait.

And then at Rhinebeck I met David (from SCF) in person. He commented about the long distance I’d travelled (this, and he came from Australia?) and he gave me a couple of little wooly surprises:

In family news, today was the last local farmer’s market of the season and they had a haunted house. It was a good dry run for costumes:

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One Response to Saturday spinning update: green and purple

  1. Cookie says:

    Lovely spinning! I admire you for spinning straight bamboo. There’s no way I’d try that.

    The kids look great!