Saturday spinning update: progress

Last weekend I had a lovely time at a knitting retreat. I’ve been so busy this week that I haven’t really had a moment to digest it all and tell you about it, but it’ll come. One of the things that I did last weekend was finish something: the green Corgi Hill Farm Merino singles are complete!

I started spinning this back in July in Paris. It’s been to Rhinebeck, Waterloo, and Gananoque. Now I’m very grateful to be finished the singles. I even took the time to wind them off the little toilet paper rolls onto a couple of bobbins.

I’m all ready to ply, but something else is holding me back. Before I left I started spinning this lovely stuff from Turtlepurl:

I started one of the braids and it’s spinning up wonderfully and skinny, my usual weight of yarn, or perhaps even skinnier. The problem with that is that I’m still in progress. I can’t ply yet. I’ve moved through the pink and I’m working on on the medium purple section. I’m thinking that each 3 oz braid will work on its own as a skein. I’m planning to chain ply. No matter how perfectly each of these spin up, it would drive me a little crazy if I went for a 2 ply and there was barber-poling going on.

Weird, maybe, but for this yarn that’s what I want. I think I’m about half way through the first 3 oz. With luck and time I’ll have both a green skein & a gradient skein to share next week.

In family news I had a most interesting discussion in the car with my daughter, about the times many years ago when I called 911 (with good reasons).

Z: “I was there.”

Me: “No you weren’t. You weren’t born then.”

Z: “But I came from an egg in you, so I was there.”

Me: “Well, yes, in a way, so I guess your brother was there too.”

<brother makes indistinguishable comment>

Z: “No, silly, you don’t have eggs. Boys have little things like tĂȘtards (tadpoles) in their penises.”

This wisdom came courtesy of a classmate. Apparently I need some birds & bees talking points suitable for a 7 year old girl & a 5 year old boy.

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One Response to Saturday spinning update: progress

  1. Cookie says:

    Beautiful spinning as usual!

    Oh my. Just reading that made me feel old. Good luck!