Saturday spinning update: so this is what you do

On Monday my part time contract position ended for the moment. Between that and the fact that my design swatches are stalled I got a whole lot of spinning accomplished this week.

First, I took the two little balls of fluff that David from Southern Cross Fibre handed to me at Rhinebeck. I wanted to spin them a little thicker than usual and chain ply them. they both came out at around 35 yards in 25 grams. Lovely little skeins. Here they are twisted together:

Encouraged, I took the October club offering (Dark Wings on Polwarth) and went even thicker.

I made my first bulky yarn! 113 yds in about 113 g. Once again, I chain plied this one.

I also took out the green merino + firestar that I got from Dyeing for Colour at the Twist festival a little while ago. This spun up like a dream. It was super easy to spin, even if I did get a little sparkly from the firestar. This was still a little heavier than my usual spinning because I only got about 360 yards out of 115g. It’s a lovely 2 ply.

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  1. Cookie says:

    You’ve been busy!