Saturday spinning update: more Shetland

All I managed to get done this week in spinning is to finish and ply the Shetland I started last week, but I love it. It’s Submerge from Southern Cross Fibre. I chain plied it as planned to keep the colours solid and I ended up with about 290 yards of lovely sheepy yarn. I feel like there should be more of it, but I’m sure I’ll find something nice to knit.

You know, I was really looking forward to this first week of the kids being back at school. I had some work to do that needed complete quiet and concentration. I got a lot of work done but there’s always so much more knitting and spinning to do. And it looks like I’ll be doing some high tech consulting work in the near future too, further reducing my fibre time. I’ve must appreciate the fibre time while I have it.

This weekend is pretty knit-intense so far.┬áThis morning I taught the first session of a double knit hat class. I think it went fairly well, and all the preparation was worth it. There’s something so liberating about telling people it’s ok to make mistakes in a swatch and then just keep on going. As long as everyone gets the gist of the task at hand, it’s ok to just move on or retry that step, no need to pull it all out.

And for your amusement here is a shot of my son showing how much he appreciated the gift from his uncle:

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