Saturday spinning update: productivity

Yep, productivity is the word for this week’s spinning. I started back to work this week, so I made sure to relax with a bit of spinning.

First up was some Superfine Merino (Pomegranate) from Southern Cross Fibre. It turned into some slightly uneven 2 ply. It’s very soft and squishy, about 165 yards in 100g. The colour is stunning.

Next I dug in the stash and pulled out some fiber I’d been curious about for a while: Manx Loaghtan from HilltopCloud in Wales. This is one of a few breed-specific bags of fluff that I’ve bought from Katie. Her service is prompt and the fiber looks great. Last year I spun up some Black Jacob, and I’ve still got some Wensleydale, Lincoln and a BFL/Camel blend to play with.

Anyway, back to the Manx Laoghtan. It was quite easy to spin. I just let it do what it wanted to and it didn’t want to be super skinny or very thick. I ended up with a 2 ply yarn that isn’t exactly soft, but it’s not rough either. The finished yarn seems to bounce back¬†marvellously¬†when stretched. I think it would make some excellent mittens. I have about 255 yards in about 100g.

It’s been a creative week here too. There’s been way to much to show in one post, but here’s some PlayDoh fun: an angry bird, as well as a scene that my daughter put together:

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2 Responses to Saturday spinning update: productivity

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, play dough! I used to make it from scratch about once every 2 months when the kids were little (the homemade version is really easy to clean up vs the bought version). I just loved the way it smelled and the way it squished when it was still warm. The kids used to make “spaghetti” with an old garlic press. So much cheap fun in the days before they were glued to their laptops!

  2. Cookie says:

    Woo Hoo!

    Such a creative family.