Slow and steady

I’ve got a few knitting projects on the go and I just need to keep plugging away to get them finished. I have found some normal ways to procrastinate (spinning, housework…) and some slightly more insane ways to procrastinate. For example, it is possible to take a small couch down some stairs by yourself, but I recommend against it. Failing that, take time ahead of moving it to find out if the couch will fit without taking down a door. It’s so much easier to do that when you don’t have a couch in the way.

My main knitting focus is to get my new¬†Gingham Style scarf finished. I may work on other things like the Chickadee Cowl that I whipped up on Sunday, but it’s my main at home project:

I’m up to 25 rows. I figure (from some weighing and a bit of math) that it’ll finish up at about 41 rows when I’m done, so I’m more than half way there. Gotta just keep knitting! The pattern is still being revised and I’m hoping both the scarf and pattern will be ready together.

And then when I’m out and about at appointments or at the kids’ swimming lessons, I’m still working away on the Issey scarf I started a while back. It’s a very elegant pattern in a yarn and colour that I love. I figure I put a few inches on it in the last few weeks. I plan on decreasing when I get to the end of this skein. Hopefully it’ll get done this year!

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One Response to Slow and steady

  1. Cookie says:

    Great knitting!

    As long as the sofa didn’t bite you…