Sunday spinning update: big big yarn

I’m still knitting, really I am. Most of it is not ready to be shown yet, but I have also been learning new things on a Craftsy class. More about that later in the week.

This week’s spinning involved some Polwarth. I had 3 bags of Polwarth in different semi-solid colours from Southern Cross Fibre. I’ve been thinking about spinning them together for a while and this was the week.

I knew from previous experience that I’d get a nice plush two ply from this fiber. This time I took it one step further. First I put about half of each bag on its own bobbin (Harvest Gold, Covert & Stormy Weather).

Then I did a 2 ply of all 6 possible combinations of colours. Then I took each of those two ply yarns and chain-plied them, adding just the tiniest bit of twist. Now I’ve got 6 skeins of 6 ply for about 170 yards of yarn in over 300g. This is the biggest yarn I’ve ever made.

I do have a general plan for this yarn, but I’ve got some swatching and playing to do before that happens. Whatever the plan is, I’m certain it’ll knit up quickly!

In other news, we’ve still got plenty of snow here, and the kids were outside playing in it the other day. My daughter came running over excitedly to let us know that there was “BUNNY POO!!!” in the yard. This wasn’t a surprise, since minutes earlier my son had startled a rabbit out from behind the tree. I didn’t think much more of it, but my husband had the understanding to ask our son if he’d touched it. The answer was yes. The mittens quickly went into the wash and were swapped for a clean pair.

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2 Responses to Sunday spinning update: big big yarn

  1. Daisy says:

    Cool! Your yarn looks like a kumihimo braid!

  2. Cookie says:

    The bunny or the poo? *L*