Saturday spinning update: change the question

I had a Calculus professor whose problem-solving method inspired my spinning this week. When something he was demonstrating on the board got a little out of hand, he’d change the question to make the answer simpler.

This week I spun a little bit more on the Jacob I had started, but then I decided to change things up. I wasn’t enjoying it enough. Instead I’ve converted this batt (from my friend Jennifer, who made it on her own drum carder with 3 different colours):

into these singles:

I’m planning to wind it up, then turn it into a two ply. I’m guessing it’s somewhere around 70 grams and I’ve got no idea on the yardage. It’s all a big surprise, but I’ve had fun with it.

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2 Responses to Saturday spinning update: change the question

  1. Cookie says:

    Simple is always better. Lovely singles!

  2. Jaimee Samson says:

    THAT looks like a Jaimee colour!!!