Saturday spinning update: BFL

This week I managed to finish up spinning the Turtlepurl BFL that I started last week. Here are the happy full bobbins:

I plied them together, stopping frequently to admire the sheen and the subtle changes.

I’ve got almost 500 yards of 2 ply in 104g. I like the look of the 2 ply so much that I didn’t want to muddy it up by plying it back on itself. This will be a lovely irregularly striping yarn to work with.

I’ve no idea what’s next on the wheel, but I’m spoiled for choice. The Tour de Fleece starts next Saturday and I’ll be on the road, so I’ll need something to spin on my spindles as well. I guess I’ll just have to go play in my stash…

In family news, it seems like we don’t have to worry about our son running around kissing girls yet. The kids were playing some game on the computer where if the result was “true love” the couple ended in a kissing pose. Sam pronounced this gross. I don’t think he noticed us laughing.

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One Response to Saturday spinning update: BFL

  1. Daisy says:

    Wow! So in between a fingering and a lace weight then? Beautiful! One day…