Saturday spinning update: Finnish singles

This week I’ve spun up two more lots of singles. I’ve done the natural white and medium brown Finnish roving that I had sitting around.

The Norwegian singles remain on the bobbin, waiting to be plied. I think I may just finish up spinning the last Finnish roving before I do any plying. It’s a lovely dark brown and it’ll only take a couple of hours.

In family news, I had an interesting discussion with my daughter this week. She came down one morning with a t-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt. I checked the weather & told her that it was good planning and that she could remove the long-sleeved shirt if she got too warm.

“No. It’s brown.”


“It’s brown.”

At this point I found out that she was planning ahead for the game of helicopter* at school. She figured if she was wearing every colour in the rainbow that she’d be able to join in each round. Apparently it went quite well.

Planning like this gives me a bit of fear for the future.

*“Helicopter helicopter please come down.” “Only if you’re wearing the colour ______.”

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