Non-secret knitting

I’ve been working on a fair number of secret knitting projects and swatches lately, so I haven’t been showing you much knitting. This week I was waiting for something to dry and rather than work on the next urgent thing, I took a few hours out to wind up my most recent handspun and do this:

Yes, it’s another Chickadee Cowl. A few hours of repetitive linen stitch was just what the doctor ordered, and I love how the colours in this yarn settled out. Plus it fits perfectly.

I’m all ready for the winter now ;)


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2 Responses to Non-secret knitting

  1. Elizabeth Risch says:

    Beautiful homespun and linen stitch pattern! I love the your photo, you goofy girl! :)

  2. kmkat says:

    The colors are lovely, and you look toasty warm :-)