Saturday spinning update: sunny merino

My main accomplishment this week has been making it to Saturday. I was working during the week at a job site on a contract for the first time in a while. That meant that I had about 6.5 hours less each day to spin, knit, clean, cook, etc. I only managed a tiny bit of spinning on the wheel, so I’m nowhere near finished the shiny pink Teeswater. It looks just the same as last time.

On the other hand, I do still have to go to school every day to drop off and pick up the kids, so I’m making great progress on spinning my 50 grams of bright yellow merino on my spindle. I’ve only got a tiny tiny bit left, then I’m going to ply it. After that I’m still planning to knit it into a hat at the school at drop off and pick up times. It’ll be top-down knit-until-the-yarn’s-gone and simple.

The colour is so cheery I’ll be happy just to knit with it.

The on-site work contract looks like it’ll be a short term thing, but until then, it looks like I won’t have much time for spinning. My wheel (and my stash) aren’t going anywhere, so I know I’ll get back to it soon enough.


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One Response to Saturday spinning update: sunny merino

  1. Lynne says:

    Pretty sunshiny yarn!! Just perfect for the grey days we’ve been experiencing lately!