Saturday spinning update: Teeswater

This week I started spinning some Teeswater, which I hadn’t touched before. It’s a longwool with a lot of lustre and it’s got a halo too. Mine is from Southern Cross Fibre and the colour is Festival Fuchsia. I just started spinning it to see what it wanted to do and it seems to want to be fairly skinny singles. I do plan on plying it back on itself, but first I’ve got to finish it up:

In family news, this week it was time for the Meet The Teacher night at school. After visiting both classrooms and hearing what the teachers had to say (so far so good), I came home and chatted with the kids. I asked Sam about his desk mate and he told me that they had played Rock, Paper, Scissors but that the other boy had thrown “Toilet”. Then he started laughing so hard he couldn’t continue. I think it’s kind of like Godwin’s Law for boys. Toilet humour is inevitable in their discussions and whoever starts it first wins.

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