Saturday spinning update: Texel

Texel is a new-to-me sheep breed that arrived in my July club package from Southern Cross Fibre. The deep purple & green were very appealing, and this week it jumped onto the wheel.

I decided to go for a three ply yarn, so I split it into thirds to start with. This stuff almost spun itself. In just one evening I had all 3 bobbins done:

After plying, I’ve got a 106g skein of about 150 yards of lovely rich colours. I can’t quite properly capture it.

In family news, the second week of school went very well. Both kids seem to be enjoying themselves and Sam’s agenda came home with praise and stickers on Friday. That’s a great sign.

Here’s a different sign that’s had a few updates this week. I can’t say exactly what brought it on, but it speaks for itself:

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One Response to Saturday spinning update: Texel

  1. Jen says:

    I’ll have to look up linen stitch – seems like just the stitch for that lovely yarn you gave me in Ottawa :)
    One picture of the strawberries this summer! Will try to remember to send it to you.
    Enjoy your tea!