Saturday spinning update: Sweet Wine

I had a pretty good spinning week. It helped that I was able to spin quite a bit on Friday, which was a PD day. The kids had a quiet hour or so and I managed to finish filling the bobbin with the singles:

And then I chain-plied to get this:

I spun this skein straight from the long rope of Corriedale without splitting it. I wanted the longest possible colour runs. I ended up with about 380 yards of wonderful yarn. I’m loving these fall colours.

Here’s a shot of my little sweeties before swimming lessons:

This was Parents’ Week, which meant that if I’d remembered ahead of time I could have donned my swimsuit and joined in the classes. ZoĆ© had a good class and her teacher said she’s on track to pass her level. Sam had a major breakthrough during class. He found that he could do a back float and glide on his own with only a pool noodle to help him. He’s still scared of getting his head wet, but his teacher said that if he got comfortable putting his face in, Sam could actually pass. Sam did not think that this was a positive development. I don’t think there’s another swimming teacher as forceful as this one. He’s the only one who’s been able to get this kind of a performance out of Sam and it’s because he doesn’t accept no for an answer. I just want to know how to book this teacher every time!

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One Response to Saturday spinning update: Sweet Wine

  1. kmkat says:

    You probably don’t want to know this, but I am 60+ and still not comfortable putting my face in the water. I’m rooting for your kids, though :-)