London Art Deco

One of the places we visited this summer was London, Ontario. We stayed in a hotel fairly close to downtown, so I did a little research on Art Deco buildings and I picked two candidates. First up was the Canada Trust building.

As the information from the London Public Library shows, this building was built in 1931. It is decorated with all different kinds of bas relief carvings showing industry in Canada, among other things.

The next target was the Dominion Public Building. Like the building I already visited in Guelph, this was built with the help of the Public Works Construction Act of 1934.

Those 5 squares on the front of the building suggest some of the nations that helped found Canada:

(Irish shamrocks, an English Rose, the Canadian maple leave, a Scottish thistle, and a French fleur-de-lys)

I visited both buildings in the early evening, which meant that I didn’t get a look inside. The day we left London I fixed that problem. I got out and about around 9am and was able to get into the lobbies. I’m so glad I did that, because both sets of elevator doors were stunning.

Canada Trust elevator

Dominion Public Building elevator

I went a little snap happy in these buildings and I’ve got picture of all different kinds of details. When I think back on the experience, though, it was the elevator doors that really took my breath away. I’m so glad I went back for another look.

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  1. kmkat says:

    Those elevator doors are stunning!