Saturday spinning update: more shiny stuff

I’ve been busy knitting away on deadline items. For most of the week my spinning mojo seemed to have deserted me. To nudge things in the right direction, I brought out a bag of fluff I’d been saving for a special occasion: Teal Deer – 75% merino, 25% silk, the December 2012 club offering from Southern Cross Fibre.

The colour is so deep I’m not sure I can properly capture it, but here’s a shot of the first bobbin:

I’m aiming to make a 3 ply yarn. It’s spinning up well. Somehow I need to magically find the time to finish it up. Since my current daytime work contract just finished, the outlook is good!

In family news, this happened:

For those who aren’t stunned by this picture, let me say that it is a picture of Sam eating bread. I have never witnessed him eating bread before. He has steadfastly refused to try it. He has made some steps in the bread direction (croissants, pancakes & waffles), but the smell of the East Side Mario’s bread was so appealing that he asked to try it. He said, “Can I try a nibble of that to see if I like it?” He ate 4 pieces. Fabulous!


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One Response to Saturday spinning update: more shiny stuff

  1. Cookie says:

    Lovely color!

    No bread? Seriously?! Dude! Thrilled that he tried and liked that bread!