Sunday spinning update: leaps and bounds

Yes, it’s Monday. I wrote this post on Sunday but somehow forgot the important step of pressing the “Publish” button. I also managed to get 12 hours of sleep last night, so perhaps this week will move a little more smoothly!

The big spinning goal in the last week was to get to play with my new TravelKate. Mission accomplished! I only have about 25g on each of these bobbins, but it was enough to try a natural 4 ply with all the bobbins moving in harmony:

I loved the experience. The TravelKate did not disappoint, and I was able to ply with relative ease. What really blew me away was the thickness and yardage of the resulting yarn. Without really having a goal in mind, I managed to spin about 430 yds of 4 ply yarn.

Fingering weight. The lovely blend of Falkland wool and silk certainly helped to make that possible. I can’t quite believe I made this yarn when I’m holding the squishy skein in my hands. It’s a strange feeling.

The yardage does help to explain why this felt like it took forever. I was spinning over 1700 yards of singles, and that takes time.

In family life, yesterday was one of those unique days on the edge of winter weather. The kids biked over to the park yesterday morning and we played with a soccer ball for about an hour. In the evening the kids went out in the first real snow of the year and made this, with a small amount of parental assistance:

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One Response to Sunday spinning update: leaps and bounds

  1. Cookie says:

    You’re a natural spinner. That’s how you did it. Hello! I’m so glad you love the kate, too.

    Can’t believe you’ve already had enough snow to make a snowperson. Wow!