Belated spinning post, mysterious knits, and Olympic dreams

Well hello there! That last week and a half just flew by in a haze of various people being sick and not enough sleep. I’m still here, knitting & spinning when I can.

I’ve started spinning a new little bag of North Ronaldsay from Spirit Trail Fiberworks. I knew right away that I was going to enjoy this one.

It’s a little like Shetland and I’m able to spin it quite fine. This will most likely be a 2 ply laceweight yarn. Even though I’ve only got 2 oz to spin, it’ll take some time to get through it at my current pace.

I am knitting, but it all seems to be things for later. This glowing thing on the couch is going to be a shawl:

This is the start of a hat I’ve had charted out for months:

And this is what I’m contemplating doing during the Olympics:

It’s a lovely kit from Deb at Sheeps Ahoy with all the yarn I need to make the Scatness Tam. And I already had Colours of Shetland by Kate Davies, which is the source of the pattern. Given that Kate’s Sheep Heid is my go-to hat this winter (and last winter), it couldn’t hurt to make another of her hats.

And then I happened to notice how some of the colours matched the handspun shawl I was wearing around the house to keep off the chill:

No wonder I want this hat!

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3 Responses to Belated spinning post, mysterious knits, and Olympic dreams

  1. kmkat says:

    I love those colors, too!

  2. Cookie says:

    I hope everyone is well rested and healthy by now.

    I think that hat is a must! Will you be joining us at Team CrankyPants or playing with a real team? *L*

    Oh, and that fiber will be beautiful lace weight when you’re done.

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