Grafting: a useful free Craftsy class

I’ve gone on about the classes on Craftsy before (like the Brioche one that I still haven’t made much progress on), but did you know that they have some free mini classes? I watched a new one this week and I wanted to share it, because I found it very useful.

I don’t mind doing grafting, but I find that I always want to look up in my reference books how to graft a particular fabric before I attempt it. It’s ok, because life is an open book test, but it had sort of annoyed me that I couldn’t really understand *why* I was doing what I was doing.

While I was knitting on Monday afternoon, I watched Anne Hanson’s Ins & Outs of Grafting. The basic stockinette grafting was very familiar to me, but what helped me was her treatment of other fabrics. I really felt like I understood what was happening and how to approach grafting any fabric with mixed knits and purls.

In all, it’s a little over an hour’s worth of videos and it might just be what you need to get grafting to stick in your head instead of needing the reassurance of a reference book each time you go to graft.

In family news, there’s not too much going on. School continues and the kids are back in swimming lessons. There have been no new collections in pockets in the laundry. That’s likely due to two reasons: 1) it’s winter (so there is less fun stuff to pick up and also there is no access to the pants pockets due to snowpants) and 2) most of Sam’s pants don’t have pockets. It’s a self-protection thing.

Here’s a little something that I snapped Monday night. Usually it’s Sam who arranges all kinds of things in his bed, but the other night when I went to tuck in ZoĆ© she’d turned herself around in the bed and set up a separate little area for all her little Beanie Boos to cuddle beside her. I couldn’t resist taking a picture:

They’re just so darn cute when they’re asleep ;)

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