Saturday spinning update: hairy Herdwick

This week I dug into a lovely bag that my friend Shaela brought me back fromĀ England. In the bag was 110g in total of 3 different natural colours of Herdwick top from Crookabeck Farm.

My Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook tells me that kemp is expected in Herdwicks, and that sometimes it can be separated out. It also suggested uses like rugs and baskets.

I had a look at the tops and realized that there was way more kemp in the mix than I was willing to pick out, so I just rolled with it. This is what I looked like after spinning just the first colour:

Here are the hairy bobbins:

I wound up each bobbin so that I could do a 2 ply:

The result is that I have, from light to dark, 57, 38, and 47 yards of yarn.

I was thinking, as I was plying this yarn up, that it might work for cute felted stuffed animals. I tested out the yarn by wearing a skein on each wrist for well over an hour, so mittens are a possibility. The skein I put around my neck lasted less than a minute before I ripped it off in discomfort, though. Anyone got any good ideas for this yarn?

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3 Responses to Saturday spinning update: hairy Herdwick

  1. marylou says:

    Hat or mitts lined with polarfleece?

  2. Mum says:

    How about a tam’o’shanter?

  3. Victoria says:

    I’ve made double-layer mittens–Herdwick on the outside, cuffs and interior of a softer yarn.
    I also make resoleable socks with a softer yarn for the foot and ankle and Herdwick for the sole. My very first experiment lasted 5 years before I had to resole!
    Right now I am working on a sock with soft cuffs and a foot entirely of Herdwick for my son to wear inside his skates (and over a thin pair of socks) on the Ottawa canal.