Olympic gold!

The Olympic medal count for Canada seems to have been increasing at an amazing rate, although some of the games have made me rather nervous. There’s still more heart-stopping hockey to come.

Here at home I’ve finished my knitting and I’m awarding myself a gold medal. My Scatness Tam is finished (except for the blocking). Once again, I’ve had a blast knitting a Kate Davies pattern in Shetland yarn. The great news is that I have a whole lot of it left over!

Top of Scatness Tam, pattern by Kate Davies

Pardon the slightly crazy eyes in this shot.

Scatness Tam, pattern by Kate Davies

And the inside is relatively tidy. At least all the ends are tucked in.

inside of Scatness Tam

If you look carefully, you might see that in the single-colour rows I’ve used a second strand of the same colour. The one thing that bugged me about my Sheep Heid hat was that I only used a single strand in a few rows, which changed the thickness of the fabric. This time around I alternated 3 stitches from ┬áthe inside of the ball and 3 stitches from the outside of the ball and it’s got a lovely consistent feel to it. I’m sure someone passed this tip on to me (or perhaps I read it somewhere), and it worked well.

The only thing that I haven’t done from the pattern is the I-cord around the bottom edge. I’m liking the fit right now and I’m a little worried about fiddling with it. Perhaps I’ll feel differently after the hat has had a proper bath.

My other Olympic project (that Indigodragonfly merino/silk sock yarn shawl with beads) is already finished and blocked, but it needs some proper beauty shots. I’ve passed it on to my lovely model Francine to see what would be best to wear it with.

In the mean time, I’ve cast on another version of the unnamed shawl, this time in lace weight. It’s bright red and I’ve got a million miles to go before I hit the beaded section. I’ve got no idea what colour I’m going to use. I think it’s time for a trip to the local bead store!

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One Response to Olympic gold!

  1. marylou says:

    Yeah, the icord can tighten things up whether you want it or not. What a good tip on the solid color rounds. My gauge is tighter in two color so I have to be careful with plain rounds in the middle. I now have a solution – thanks!