Sunday spinning update: more breeds

It took a while, but I finally finished up my Castlemilk Moorit skein. It’s a bit odd, in the end. The singles were very thick and thin as you can see from when I wound them up to ply:

The resulting skein has a lot of volume. It’s 55g and about 230 yards.

I’ve now started in on 2 oz of Galway. This is another new breed to me. Here’s the super thinsheet of it before I started working:

I’m thoroughly enjoying the process. The singles are skinny and even. This is going to be a nice yarn, I can just feel it!

It’s been a busy time here. Last weekend we finally celebrated Z’s 9th birthday. We did it at the local recreation centre and they played all kinds of games and cooled down with some yoga. We settled down for dinner, cake, and presents and then it was over. The couple of hours went by in a flash, but I think they all had a good time.

You can see from the blurriness of photo how quickly they were moving!


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