Frolic fun

This past weekend I was lucky enough, once again, to take a trip to Toronto with my friend Debbie to help out at her Sheeps Ahoy booth at the DKC Knitters’ Frolic. Here’s the booth. It was less blurry in person:

Sheeps Ahoy at the 2014 Knitters' Frolic in Toronto

During the show I managed to take a bit of time to scope out some of the beautiful items for sale. I ended up going with two lovely skeins of Coastal from Sweet Fiber (Melissa came all the way from BC!). This new base is 50% merino/50% silk, which is one of my favourite blends to work with. I had to snap up these two skeins in Vintage Lace. It was tough to pick out a colour, but now that I’ve seen a whole pile of them in person, it’ll make it easier to jump in for more yarn later. Oh dear.

Sweet Fiber Coastal in Antique Lace

I was also thrilled to see Geneviève Noël of Turtlepurl Yarns. She used to be at least slightly more local to me, but now that she’s out in the Maritimes I don’t get to see her much. I’m excited to play with this skein of Pillow Talk that she’s using to experiment with super long stripes.

Turtlepurl Yarns - Pillow Talk - Patience Stripes Beta in Fire Starter (2b) & Shades of Grey (4B - 40 yd stripe)

Did I say skein? Well it looks like there are two now (FireStarter & Shades of Grey). Funny how that happened.

And finally I got to see a few friends: Sarah (byneedleandthread)  dropped by with these lovely bags she made me. This was part of an exchange that I think I totally won. I spun some yarn for her, and she sewed the bags. They have a divider and some yarn guides that make them perfect for stranded knitting.

bags by ByNeedleAndThread

And here’s Maureen Foulds.

Natalie Servant & Maureen Foulds

We’ve been chatting online for a while, and even before I met her there, I bought a spindle from her via Sarah. True story. You should totally go check out her latest pattern, the Intertwined Mitts, especially the version where the traveling stitches are done in  a contrasting colour. Gorgeous!

Then in the evening after the busy day of the show, Debbie & I kicked back for dinner with Hasmi of Raventwist. I’ve worked with a few of her yarns in the past and it was great to see her again (and pet her yarns in person).

Hasmi Ferguson & Natalie Servant

It was a great weekend. Now it’s back to the final stages of packing before we move. There are only two weeks left and they are going to be busy ones with only knitting at night to save my sanity.


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  1. Ha! I also bought yarn from Sweet Fiber in their “vintage lace” colourway–and posted it on my own blog. Their colours really called to me.