Sunday spinning update: slow progress

I’ve been spending a few minutes here & there working on my Turtlepurl Merino, but I’m still in the very long brown section. Progress is being made, and I’m hoping to see the colours change this week:

Turtlepurl Merino spinning

Now that the move is a couple of weeks old I sort of thought things might have calmed down a bit, but this week was still a flurry of activity that included alarm system activation (with free condescending assumptions about my awareness of VoIP) and waiting 4 hours for someone to come and fix the front door (an easy fix done in 10 minutes, thank goodness). Next week I have got to get working on window coverings and the basement and upstairs desk are the main remaining targets for unpacking.

Although it shouldn’t be surprising to me, the new house is getting dirty and and dusty and actually needs cleaning despite me feeling like I’ve done enough of that to last me a month or so. Dust never sleeps.

Here’s something that I spent a bit of time setting up. It’s my yarn closet:

Truthfully, it’s my everything closet. On the left, a bookcase with knitting books. Then under the shelves are my yarn bins. On the shelves are my fiber stash, tools, WIPs (in baskets), and then around on the right hand side are my clothes. I now feel like I know where all my yarn & tools are. Perhaps that’ll help bring back my knitting mojo.

I picked up a new skill this week: a rope twist hairdo thingy. ZoƩ was watching a Frozen video, then something about how to do a Frozen hairdo, followed by another hairdo video. Thanks YouTube. She made me watch it and try it out. It was surprisingly easy, and I may yet get better at it.

We also took a little time on this beautiful weekend to go on a walk. Z kept stopping to gather samples of things that she thought were beautiful. Taking a picture of them stopped them from coming in the house. Enjoy!


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